How to Sew a Face Mask in 3 Easy Steps – First, you’ll need to get supplies. These will include a sewing machine, some thread, cotton fabric, elastic (to go around your head) and filters (optional).

Next, you will need to choose the pattern you would like to follow and purchase it. There are a few main designs on the market and they aren’t very pricey. There are 4 main designs that I’ve used and each one has something unique about them. This refers to how much of your face they will cover and the fitting for different sized faces. We have created our own mask patterns and continue to update these designs whenever we think of ways to improve them. You can find our mask patterns here: How to Sew a Face Mask

The final step, is putting it all together. The instructions are really quite simple and straightforward. You cut the material to the size of the patterns. If there are any pleats in the pattern, mark them off, and finally sew everything into place. Even a beginner will be able to put together 3 masks in the space of an hour. Of course, you’ll be able to increase this number as you improve.

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