What makes a good face mask sewing pattern? What exactly is a mouth mask template? Basically, they’re both the same thing, however face masks can be sometimes confused with facial pampering masks or ski masks. In this article, we’re going to focus on the standard face masks that are in desperate need around the world.

Face Mask Sewing Pattern

Unless you’ve been hiding away in a cave somewhere for the last few months, you should know that the world is clambering for face masks wherever they can be found. And due to this shortage, many people are turning to sewing their own masks from home. Cotton masks have received a bad rep from publications at first, but they have mostly warmed to idea that they are necessary and more easily available to the public. Masks were, at first, described by the media as being unnecessary – in an attempt to avoid the public using up vital masks that were desperately needed by first responders. Unfortunately, this was an incredibly bad idea as people that could have worn masks from day 1, thought they were better off without them. This was, and is, a very dangerous idea that’s been floating around.

Masks are essential if you are planning to leave your house during these volatile times. My favorite face mask sewing pattern has 4 designs and variations for both adults and kids. I’ve made myself 8 masks out of old t-shirts, and I use one whenever I need to go shopping or to the post office.

Mouth Mask Template

I’ve heard this name for face masks come up a few times and it honestly sounds very weird to hear it called this. Perhaps it’s name used in certain countries or a translation that I’ve never heard before. In any case, if you’re looking for a mouth mask template for adults and kids, check out our designs that are made to fit a variety of faces sizes and shapes.

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