Dust Mask Sewing Pattern – Surgical Mask Pattern: These designs were digitally created by the Visculture team to fit a variety of faces and ages. As more and more people want to create masks for their family and friends, a need has grown for anyone who is able to sew to help create more masks. These simple patterns can be created by anyone with a sewing machine.

Dust Mask Sewing Pattern

Known by many names, dust masks are an essential item in 2020. With little more than some old fabric and elastic, people around the world are sewing their own face masks to use when they have to leave their homes. The great thing about fabric face masks is that they are washable and reusable. You can therefore always have one ready to wear when you go shopping. Disposable face masks are in short supply and should only be worn for a few hours before being thrown away, anyway. So it makes sense to put an hour aside to create a few masks for yourself and your family to use when needed. Our dust mask sewing pattern has now been added to a bundled pack, so you can access 4 unique designs to fit everyone in your family. My favorite dust mask sewing pattern is the fourth design which fits men with beards. As a bearded man, I’ve found that most masks are too small for me and don’t give enough protection. So, I worked on creating a large enough design to cover more of my face and not mess up beard too. 

Surgical Mask Pattern

The classic surgical mask pattern is also included in the bundle that we’ve created. Although it looks quite complicated at first, once you’ve made the first one, you’ll realize just how simple it is. The pattern shows you exactly where to make the pleats, so there’s no measuring involved. Simply cut the fabric to size, mark off the pleats and start sewing. Every pattern also comes with step-by-step instructions with full-color photos to work alongside. It’s now easier than ever to make your own surgical face masks at home. Your friends and family will be ecstatic to know that they can simply wash and reuse their new face masks everyday. 

Our most recent update has also added in optional filters to the design, so you can get even more protection from them. You can check out our surgical mask pattern on our website. Be sure to let us know how your masks turn out. We love getting feedback and photos from our subscribers. Stay safe!

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