Dust Mask Pattern PDF – Pattern Face Mask: Mask patterns are currently in high demand, as they are a cheap way to make as many masks as you like from the comfort of your home. Unfortunately, there are many free patterns that are incredibly difficult for beginners to work with. Most dust mask pattern PDF’s have a lot of design features to make the mask flashy and cool, when the most important aspect of them is really protection, above all else.

My favorite type of pattern is one that can be put together by a complete beginner. I can make digital art but I’m not great at sewing, so making something simple is essential. The best patterns help you to make lots of working masks in the shortest amount of time. This is where the KISS acronym comes in handy (Keep It Simple, Stupid).

Dust Mask Pattern PDF – Pattern Face Mask

An easy¬†dust mask pattern PDF¬†also has variations. Variations should included sizes for both adults and kids. I also prefer pattern bundles, as you can pick and choose which pattern fits your face best. Not all masks are created equally, and the same goes for mask patterns. A design loved by most might not fit your narrow jawline or chubby cheeks. My advice is to get a bundle with a minimum of at least 2 patterns to up your chances of finding a good fit for you. Here’s my favorite face mask sewing pattern:

Pattern Face Mask

It’s 4 patterns and thorough instructions in an easy-to-read format. There are patterns for adults, kids and a variety of face shapes. You’re sure to find something that will fit. My favorite is the fourth design which fits perfectly when you’ve been growing out your beard. 

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