Children Size Face Mask – How to Make Children’s Face Masks: Making masks for kids is just as simple as sewing them for adults. You will simply use less material. The most important thing to do is to find a good pattern and instructions. One that clearly shows you what to do, and is easy to follow for your skill level.

We have designed our own set of 4 face masks that come in both adult and children sizes. The patterns are extremely easy to make, and the instructions can be followed by a complete beginner. No sewing jargon, no unnecessary phrasing.

You can find out more here: Children Size Face Masks

How to Make Children’s Face Masks

To make children’s face masks, you’ll simply need to download a pattern and instructions. The pattern can be printed out on regular US Letter or A4-sized paper. Cut it out, place it over your chosen fabric and cut it to size. The provided instructions will walk you through the process from A-Z, so you won’t need to memorize this text.

You will require a sewing machine to do the actual sewing. Any basic sewing machine will suffice. You could do it with needle and thread, but it will take you much longer and requires some sewing knowledge. As there are 4 designs to choose from, you should make sure that you know which pattern you want to make.

Children Size Face Masks

Children’s face masks are not recommended for 2 year olds and younger. They can be made from any fabric that you have laying around. Most kids prefer bright colors and patterns, so perhaps use one of their old cotton shirts. Firmer shirt fabric is a much better option over t-shirts fabric. If you have something that is 100% cotton, that would be best.

If you’re ready to start sewing your own children size face masks, then simply head over to this link and get your pattern:
How to Make Children’s Face Masks

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