Children Face Mask Pattern: If you want to start making masks for kids, it’s really quite simple to get started. You will need a pattern, instructions and a sewing machine. Although masks can be made with needle and thread, it is a much slower process, unless you are very experienced.

Face Mask Pattern for Children

First you’ll need a Face Mask Pattern for Children. Once you’ve downloaded the pattern and instructions, you’ll need to cut out the pattern Use the pattern to cut your fabric to size and follow the instructions to sew it together. It’s best to use 100% cotton, but an old shirt would do in a pinch. T-shirts are too thin to make effective face masks, however, they are great for making neck gaiters.

Children Face Mask Pattern

Most kids aren’t big fans of wearing masks, but it’s important to keep them protected. You might want to consider using a colorful or patterned fabric. Old clothing can be re-used to make some great masks, while retaining the images or cartoons from them. Shirts material can be re-used for masks, while t-shirt material can be used to make neck gaiters.

Having a favorite character or design on a mask is also a helpful way to deter your child from exchanging their mask with other kids. They wouldn’t want to trade their mask for another. It’s not always easy for kids to understand the importance of wearing a mask in public, so this may help.

Making Money Selling Masks

There’s a big market for selling kids masks. If you are able to make multiple masks per hour, you could start your own business. Depending on your location, you could use services like Ebay, Etsy, Gumtree, or Craigslist to promote your products. Masks are need around the world, so you’ll have a large audience to sell to. You can find out more here about selling masks for money.

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